HPP Selected for 2014 Residency at High Concept Laboratories

Awwwwwwww YEAH!!…..

It gives us great pleasure to finally announce the following: HPP and our new work-in-progress ‘Juke Cry Hand Clap‘ has officially been chosen for one of the artist residencies at High Concept Laboratories for their Winter 2014 cycle (Jan.1 – Apr.15)! We had our first meeting/walk-through at HCL’s new home, within Pilsen’s Mana Contemporary Chicago art complex yesterday and were blown away at the sheer magnitude & potential of this wonderful space. HPP is grateful and AMPED to receive the generous support of this intrepid arts organization.
We look forward to the work/relationships and events to come out of our HCL residency in the new year….Viva, Honey Pot Performance!


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