Currently two Honey Pot Performance projects – LADIES RING SHOUT and PRICE POINT are available for booking/touring.

Ladies Ring Shout

179The Ladies Ring Shout (LRS) is a 90 minute performance work. It centers three to four women of color (significant as race and gender are central themes in the work), and makes use of multimedia and interarts practices including dance/movement (modern and sacred/ritualized practices), spoken word, vocalized and embodied polyrhythms, powerpoint slides, HPP original scores and current popular music tracks, and built set pieces and costumes. LRS rallies scholars and laymen (OR individuals and groups) alike who are invested in feminist and intersectional lenses regarding identity politics. Professionals and students of the social sciences, especially women and gender studies, sociology (of race, gender, and class), political science, and performance studies, will find LRS particularly relevant to canonized and more contemporary literature, research, and practices in these fields. Performance art, theatre, and many dance practitioners are likely to find LRS informed by established and avant garde work, and representative of current interdisciplinary and interarts practices, as well as those informed by community-based ethnographic methods.

More information and video here.

TECHNICAL RIDER [PDF] for Ladies Ring Shout.  A full video of Ladies Ring Shout is available upon request.

Price Point

Price Point alley1Price Point is an approximately 90-minute multimedia performance that features four company members. The work includes informative powerpoint slides and evocative musical tracks, an original sound score that bolsters the theatrical world of the piece, and interactive audience experiences including the use of butcher block paper on which performers and audience members write.

Throughout Price Point, props such as large amounts of used paper (such as envelopes, letterhead, etc.), laundry baskets containing labor-related clothing/costuming, and mobile walls that constrain and open the space are used to relay the anxiety and desired freedom that come from experiences of sustained economic strain.

Price Point magnetizes individuals and groups propelled by the call of economic, political and social justice. Professionals and students of the social sciences, specifically political science, sociology, labor relations and economics, and women’s and gender studies may find this production particularly relative to the canons and contemporary issues of the field. Topics of interest include interrogating the social contract (or, the relationship between citizen and government), alternative value/economic systems, understanding economic pressures as intersectional experiences (at crossroads of race, class, gender). Performance artists and theatre professionals and students, particularly community-based artists will find Price Point production methods and presentations highly informed by the pragmatics of creating art that references and speaks to the lives and experiences of working-class communities. Complementary workshops will take audiences through some of the ethnographic and sociologically informed creative methods Honey Pot Performance has developed to generate the work.

More info and video here.

TECHNICAL RIDER [PDF] for Price Point.

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