ARISE Cultural Wellness Program
Exploring Issues of Touch, Attachment & Intimacy

Mission Statement: ARISE empowers girls and women to make informed life-­‐affirming decisions that can facilitate shifts in consciousness and improve their quality of life.

Workshop Description: ARISE uses art as a therapeutic strategy encouraging young women to express, examine and articulate the social pressures impacting their lives. Writing and movement activities are used to quell resistance to creative play and thinking and open participants up to dialogue and reflection. Participants will keep a weekly journal for the duration of the workshop. Participants will bring in prepared pieces as well as compose material during our sessions together. Creative writing and embodied exercises will be supplemented with experiments in other artistic mediums. These may include collective play with still image, video, music and reading excerpts from work of relevant women writers and poets. All of these materials will serve as seeds to feed and articulate the unique voices and perspectives of participants. Our intention is to build an experience that deeply explores the stories, issues and concerns of young women coming of age.